How to join


Membership is free and open to all.

To become a library member:

  1. Come into the library, or join online by completing the membership form below.
  2. On your first visit to the library, you will be asked to read the borrowing conditions, sign the membership register and show some proof of your name and current address.

Proof of name and current address must be in the form of either:

– photo-id with current address (e.g. Driver’s licence)


– two forms of identification, one with current address. One form of identification from the following list must be supplied, plus an additional piece of documentation, to validate membership.

  • driver’s licence or motor vehicle registration
  • rates notice
  • health benefits card
  • bank statement
  • rent / lease agreement
  • correspondence from a government agency or educational institution.

A parent or guardian is required to sign the register for all new members under sixteen years of age.

Click here for the online membership form