2014 Literature Prize – Now and Then


2014 Now and Then Literature Prize

The literature prize is designed to collect the stories which bring to life 
the strong links between the past, the present and the future.
The aim of the award is to inspire people in the community,
regardless of age or ability, to write stories or poems which
focus on the people who have lived here.

Congratulations to our prize winners, photos from the awards presentation at the Grove Library can be found here


Winning Entries

Short story open

Winner – Isobel Smith     Brown Sugar

Commendation – Alison Davis  Shed

Commendation – Madeleine Tingey    The Milk Round


Short Story Years 10-12

Commendation – James Simpson    Halfway Home


Short Story Years 7-9

Commendation – Isabel Hollingdale  Eight days


Short Story Years 4-6

Winner – Eva Coulson  Ellie

Commendation – Nina Fletcher-Harrison    In the Cottage

Commendation – Tate Fairbanks    Wet

Commendation – Ella Hagon    Meet Sarah


Poetry Open

Winner – Roland Leach    Small detonations

Commendation – Madeleine Tingey    Cottesloe Beach


Poetry Years 10-12

Winner – Sophia Hansen-Knarhoi    In the still air


Poetry Years 4-6

Commendation – Minami Brown    Did you ever see my life in Mosman Park Recipe

Commendation – Lachie Cullity    The River in Mosman Park

Commendation – Tilly Davis-Rohr    Freshwater Bay

Commendation – Ruby Patrick   The amazing Albion

Commendation – Claudia Khan    Cottesloe Beach


Open Local Residents

Commendation – Robyn Belben    Rhapsody

Commendation – Serina Dosen    Wandering man


History Open

Commendation – Chris Egan    Forgotten story of Cottesloe Beach Oval

Commendation – Chris Tate    The Yallery


History Student

Commendation – Sienna Green    Heritage History


Digital Story Years 4-6

Winner – Mia Scully    PLC History





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