2013 Now and Then Literature Prize


The ninth annual presentation of awards for the councils of Cottesloe, Peppermint Grove and Mosman Park Literature Prize, Now and Then, was held at the new Grove Library on Wednesday 6th November 2013.

The literature prize is designed to collect the stories which bring to life the strong links between the past, the present and the future. The aim of the award is to inspire people in the community, regardless of age or ability, to write stories or poems which focus on the people who have lived here, the events that have taken place and record the images of the landscape and lifestyle that makes this place so special. This event is one way that we can ensure that the stories of ordinary people are written and recorded for future generations.  Over 100 people attended to congratulate the prize winners. The guest speaker this year, was Facebook celebrity and Lost Perth founder, Warren Duffy.

The judges were Joy Lefroy, Lindy Brophy, Ed Jaggard, Sue Clennell and Ruth Marchant James AOM.  Award winners were each presented with a certificate and a cash prize.


In the Student History category, there were four ‘Special Mentions’ for Mosman Park Primary School students in Years 4 and 5, whose class submitted entries on the subject of the history of the School. The winners were: Belize Badie, Katie Jackson, Oscar Mitchell-Bathgate, Tilly Davis-Rohr

Congratulations to the students, and thanks to the teachers of Mosman Primary School for their participation.

In the Student Short Story category years 4-6, the award winner was Annie Price, who is a Year 5 student at North Cottesloe Primary School. Her entry imaginatively portrays her own grandfather, Maurice Hobart McNamara, who was a long serving Councilor for the Town of Cottesloe.

In the Student Short Story category, years 7-9, the Winner was Isobel Smith, a Year 9 student at St Hilda’s College, for her entry, Random Acts of Kindness.

A Commendation was awarded to Cedar Rankin-Cheek, a year 8 student at John Curtin College of the Arts, for her entry “My Bench”.

In the Student Short Story category, years 10 -12, the Winner was, Jonty Bean, a year 12 student of Scotch College, for his entry, “Light”

In the Student Poetry category for years 1-3, there were two ‘Special Mention’ prizes, Isabella Lindsay, for “The Dog on Eric Street” and Campbell Hart, for “Sandy Seagull”. Isabella and Campbell are year 4 students at North Cottesloe Primary School, whose class submitted entries.

Thank you to North Cottesloe for encouraging their students and participating.

In the Student Poetry category for years 4-6, the Winner was Amelia Beck, a student of St Hilda’s Anglican College for Girls, for her poem, “ The Swan River” and Commendations were awarded to Emma Hadi, also from St Hilda’s, for her poem “Behind the vision of water and Tilly Davis-Rohr, for her poem, “Abstract Arts”.

In the Student Poetry category for years 7-9, the Winning entry was submitted by Celeste Kalnenas, a year 9 student at St Hilda’s, for her poem “The Cottesloe Lifestyle” and the Commendation was awarded to Tabitha Malet, a year 9 student at Presbyterian Ladies’ College for her well-researched poem, “Peppermint Grove”.


The first prize in the Open Short Story category was awarded to Alison Davis for her story entitled, “Vanish”.

The Commendation was awarded to Murray Jennings, for his story, “Southend Salt Wind Diary”

The Winner of the Open Poetry was Roland Leach for “Cottesloe: The Three Stages”

Open History Category

The first prize was awarded to John Foulsham, for a carefully researched paper on the history of the Eric Street Scout Centre.

The second prize was awarded  to Carole Webb, for her reminiscences of Cottesloe as a teenager and a young mum.

Local Resident Awards

While the Grove History and Creative Writing Awards are open to anyone with an interest or connection in the local area, The Local Resident Awards are an additional encouragement for Local Residents to submit entries, particularly if they are first time entrants.

All entries are sent to the judges without names. The judges make their selections in each category first, and these may or may not be local residents. Judges are then advised which remaining entries have been submitted by local residents, and these are then considered for the Local Resident Prize.

First Prize was awarded to Amanda Rankin, who is a resident of Mosman Park, for her short story, “Spirit Dog”.

The Commendation was awarded to Justin Cheek, for his entry, “Incident on Cottesloe Groyne”.

Thank you to the entrants and teaching staff who encourage participation by their students.

A special thank you to our Judges for their very generous contribution to the success of this award. Each one of them puts in many hours of their own time to read, shortlist and agonize over their selections. And we acknowledge the hard work that goes into the final selection of winners.

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