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Competition winners 2016

A big thank you to everyone who entered this year’s Young Writers Creative Writing Competition in 2016!

We were thrilled to receive entries from all the local and surrounding schools; including,

Cottesloe Primary School, North Cottesloe Primary, Iona Presentation Primary School, Presbyterian Ladies’ College, St Hilda’s Mosman Park Primary, Dalkeith Primary, Scotch College, John XXIII College, Shenton College, MLC, Christchurch Grammar, Rosialie Primary, Mount Claremont Primary School, and Beehive Montessori.

It’s was exciting to see all this hard work kids went to with their short stories. We had it all this year funny, scary, poignant and intelligent, it was a pleasure to read them all.
# Entries are on display until Sunday the 29th January 2017.

Congratulations to all of the prize winning and highly commended writers listed below.


Again congratulations to all the winners and everyone who entered.

Stay tuned for our next Young Writers competition in July 2017!

First Prize Winners

6-8 years olds

Title: The Enchanted Egg by George Haddrell, Mosman Park Primary year 2

9-11 years olds

Title: Mrs Johnson by Sayori Sakaeva, Mosman Park Primary year 5

12 – 14 years olds

Title: Gladiator by Euan Hillis, Shenton College year 8

Commendation Prize Winners

6-8 years olds

Title: The House Next Door by Alexandra Fleming, St Hilda’s year 3

Title The Story of Sparkly Wood by Daniella Catterson, Iona year 3

9-11 years olds

Title: What If… by Elizabeth Gover, Iona year 5

Title Escape by Madeleine Blair, North Cottesloe Primary year 5

12 – 14 years olds

Title: Twice Taken by Josie Wilson, Iona year 7

Title Rear View by Eva Coulson, PLC year 8

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